Yesterday. All my troubles seem so far away.

Posted about it in Facebook, but now, this morning, I feel that I want to write about it here too. If, for nothing else, to get it off my mind, my chest and everywhere else.

We’ve heard about all those spam attacks and hacked accounts ad nauseam.

Yesterday morning, I was sitting here as usual, had just posted here, when I noticed in my Gmail that new messages kept popping up rapidly. They were all from myself (!) and all of them were failure messages. You know, that message you get when there’s something wrong with the address … they say something like ‘Failure. Message couldn’t be delivered … yada yada’.

I had not sent any email at all that morning, so I went in and had a look at it. Got that sinking feeling when I saw that a message had been sent to everyone on my contact list. All those failure messages were from the servers that rejected the message. Apparently, AOL and MSN rejected them, so hats off to them. The major Swedish provider … Telia … did not, and that’s the one that most people there have.

Quickly went in and changed my password. I had a strong password to start with, but still. Gmail has something, where you can see latest activity on your account, so I looked at that. There I saw the proof! CHINA and an IP address, two times. The first was 4 o’clock in the morning and that’s when that message was being sent out. I didn’t wakt up until 7 o’clock and there wasn’t any way I could have stopped it in any event.

Most of these messages went  to peoples’ spam folders. There might however be people who opened them and even clicked on the link that was in there. I shudder when I think about it. I have no idea what would have happened if I had clicked on it.

Over the run of the day I ran two full virus scans, changed passwords everywhere. I felt violated and can understand a little better how people feel when they’ve had a burglary. People being inside your home, browsing around your stuff! All scans came up clean, and no more break-in attempts from China.

If I could get a hold of the person in China, who did this, I would slap him with a wet trout!

I must point out that this could have happened with ANY web based email account. It just so happens that Gmail is my email provider of choice. None of them is any better/more secure than the other.

After that we went out to Costco because Gerry wanted to buy to beach chairs that were on sale there. We often go out to the beach in the summer … we like to walk, and the chairs we had were so heavy! These new ones are light as feathers so that was a great find.

As usual, we took the way through the park on our way home.  All the ducks were quietly gathered in one spot, out on a little road there. I was saddened to no end, when I saw one mallard dead on the ground. His neck was broken. Killed by  a car.

People go there and feed them in spite of the signs … many don’t even bother to get out of their cars. The ducks know this, so when they see a car, they see food. They gather around and underneath the cars and this one evidently didn’t make it out in time.


I put a few peanuts out, in the hope of attracting a blue jay, but he didn’t show.

This one did, and one chickadee actually took of with a peanut! It was so heavy so he could hardly take off with it!

This guy also showed up, of course! He sat there, having peanuts, uncontested, and didn’t mind me getting closer and closer.

It’s a fine day today so … Happy Friday to everyone.


12 Replies to “Yesterday. All my troubles seem so far away.”

  1. I'm sorry that happened to you. I cannot understand the mentality of those who do this. Glad you got things cleaned up. The squirrel is adorable, and looks so happy with his food treasure. The chickadee, not so much.

  2. How frustrating and to think I suggested a day off! A beating with a bunch of wet noodles to go along with the trout would be good.

  3. Sorry to hear of your troubles with gmail; it's a hassle having to change your passwords, but better safe than sorry. I just don't understand why people do these things – what do they get out of it? The wet trout combined with the bunch of wet noodles sounds like a good idea!
    I love the photos today – of course I would cuz they are animals!

    1. Barb,
      Yes, the trout & noodles is a very appealing combination 🙂

      Not only the password, but I feel insecure … they don't seem to have changed any of the settings, but they got access to all my stored email + the contact list.

      Yeah, love the animals. They're the most rewarding…

  4. Why do people want to hurt others and the computers? Get a life. Sheesh!!

    I spent too much time tonite trying to get a photo of a chickadee. I was in the house so limited where I could see. He would land to get a seed and quickly fly off. I got a lot of empty feeders or bare tree branch photos!! I finally got 2. Not happy with them but better than nothing. A woodpecker was much nicer. I was scared he would fly when I walked up to the window but he never moved. Several of him.

    1. Julie,
      It's the general meanness of this world.

      The reason I can get so close to them in the park, is that they're so tame so they eat from your hand. They lit on the lens … so many people are feeding them so when they see people they see food. A few of the squirrels too. Try to stay out there as much as possible when you put food out … after a while I guess they'll get used to you.

  5. I once had a squirrel I could hand walnuts to. How cool. One time she put her front paws on my fingers while she took the nut in her mouth. What a feeling. I still can feel it! The birds here are used to seeing me in the window so when I am outside, they are not too scared. Outside, I keep moving my chair closer. They will sit in trees nearby and watch my put seed out. Soon as I am done, here they come. Fun to interact with wild life.

    1. yes, isn't that the most marvellous feeling! That little hand touching your finger! First time was the chipmunk we had in Lac-Beauport. He was tame. That's a good tactic…to hang around as much as you can 🙂

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