This could easily have been the day…

…when I jumped the Daily Challenge. 

I’m a creature of habit … (aren’t we all?!), and I write up these posts almost first thing in the morning. That is, after checking out the news and email. Today, however, I was a little distracted.

Read a friend’s blog and she’d found some programme for her BlackBerry, with which photos got uploaded right away to the web. She and I are two of the few people nowadays with BlackBerries — most people seem to have iPhones. I found the programme, downloaded and installed. So far I haven’t managed to get it to connect with Facebook, but hopefully that’s just some temporary glitch, the connection with Flickr worked like a breeze.

Still, after three months almost, I haven’t used the camera on the phone all that much so I need to get more accustomed to it.

Anyway, I got totally engrossed with this and lost whatever inspiration I might have had, for blogging. Had nothing planned in my mind in any event, but I’m not giving up the challenge — I sure have more stamina than that!

Two tulips, to brighten this up a little… 🙂


12 Replies to “This could easily have been the day…”

  1. I do not have either! BlackBerry or iphone that is lol. Wonderful photo Rebekah! Love the colors!

    Wish you a wonderful Thursday! We have a lovely sunny day. I've been out taking a walk and I got sweaty! It is + 3 C and I think I had too much clothes on.

    1. Thanks Mona … it's so good to see you here. Yeah, those tulips were taken with the regular camera 🙂

      I often make that mistake too — put on too much clothes. Certain times of the year, it's hard to know beforehand..

      1. Yes and now it is starting to be like some days are warmer and then it is back to cold again so it is definately hard to know beforehand.

        But it sure is nice when I do not have to use my gloves when I am out =oP lol

  2. Beautiful photo. Your mind may be telling you it is time to perform a "mind dump". Clear the cobwebs…so view your distraction as an opportunity!

  3. I don't have a smart phone, and don't even know how to use the camera on my little phone. Do let us know if you are able to get the pictures downloaded!

    1. Louise,
      My previous phone had a camera too, but I never got used to that one either. They would be good for those moments when you quickly want to capture something, but then one really should be used to them! Not having to think how it was you did certain things.

      That programme uploaded to Flickr, right away. I have yet to try and connect it to Facebook.

  4. Funny — I love technology and all it has to offer but still have a very basic cell phone. When it dies I'll look around for something with more class and depth but for now, my phone is just a phone! Thanks for posting today!

    1. Marge,
      So do I … love the technology. Until this last Christmas, I had an ordinary cellphone too, and that was alright. Guess I got too caught up in all the talk about apps.

  5. Rebekah I have a Blackberry. You got to email pictures to Facebook Rebekah. Go to your Facebook account and set it up. They well send you an address to email the pictures. That is what I do. I'm thinking of upgrade to an Android soon. They say it is better then the iPhone.

    1. Yes, I have that set-up already. This thing was kind of neat because they fly right away … without a single click anywhere. I'll try again today, got distracted yesterday.

      There are so many opinions about these phones. The ones with the iPhone are totally sold on that, the other ones with the Androids too.. I've only had it since Christmas and the contract is three years, so I better live with it. Imagine how many new phones there will be in three years time! Apple releases one each year, and a new iPad too, it seems. Wonder how people keep up — the ones who want to stay up-to-date, that is. They cost a lot of money.

  6. There is a new FB for Blackberry. Trouble with the other one.

    The new photo app is incredible. As long as you stay on your camera and take photos nothing happens. But after taking several photos go back to the main screen and wait. It then asks you to upload them all at once. I took dozens of photos this morning at my Swedish group. What fun! And beyond easy. Of course, I prefer my real camera, but today I did not want to lug it around. And many did not realise I was taking photos with my camera.

    My fave soccer player only uses Blackberry. Says his friends can text him for free from Europe and Sweden. Maybe using Blackberry messenger? Twitter is free also but then others can see unless set to friends only. I have thought about an iPhone but I just love my BB.

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