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Winter Duck

Previous post was just an introduction to this challenge … to post every day.

This morning, I came across this post in my WordPress dashboard. Please, check out the link because it’s really cool. So far, I’ve blogged every morning anyway so I thought «why not?!». Instead of procrastinating, I signed up! I haven’t done very well in these types of daily challenges … think I started «a photo a day – 365» three times, without finishing. That is so NOT like me, I’m usually more tenacious than that.

My problem here is that I am (or have been) too eager to please others. All my life … that’s been my mantra, and now I’m trying hard to get over it. It could have been my downfall, and not unbridled enthusiasm like Billy Mumphrey. Seinfeld is one of my favorite TV-shows so there will be a lot of Seinfeldian expressions in this blog.

I can’t please everyone!

Now, this could easily turn into some sort of catharsis … think I”m prone to that. In the blog I linked to here above they had this experiment of «Free Writing». To write for, say, ten minutes, without worrying about grammar, punctuation or anything …. just to type what’s on top of your mind.

I did that … found the little timer on top of the box a little stressful, and noticed that I was going about it as if it was a typing contest. Unfortunately, when the time was up, a new window opened and I lost my writing … there was no way to use the back button as it said.

The idea is great, though and I’ll probably use it many times when my mind is blank in the morning. Mornings … that’s my time for blogging.  This time, when I did the ‘free writing’, I felt a little tense but from here on, I’ll just have fun with it.

10 Replies to “Free writing”

  1. I did check out that Daily Post thing earlier with your first post and it is very interesting. I am very afraid that If I wrote what was on my mind……just as it comes…..the guys in little white suits would come and put me away. Seriously!
    I have been reading your posts since 360 so it won't be unusual for me. I have always enjoyed your writing. As far as blogging goes…I haven't done that in a long time. More or less gave up on Multiply months ago but I do go there and read every now and then and try to keep up with what's going on.
    It seems to me you have always pretty much done what you set out to do and you do it well so I have no fear you will meet this challenge you have put out there for yourself. Looking forward to it!!!

    1. Thank you, Cindy … We'll see how it goes. I thought what the heck …I'm already writing every day.

      I so used to enjoy your posts, Cindy …it's a shame you gave it up. It's a very nice thing to have.. but then again; so MANY people gave it up — I think it was pretty much when FB started.

      If I really let myself go and wrote what I was thinking they would probably come here first …the little men i white suits and those 'hug-yourself-jackets' :o)

  2. Cheryl, Usually, I don't do well in these challenges … but then again, I was already posting once a day so perhaps I'll have better luck this time. It will be fun, though..

  3. Nite is my time to blogg. I feel odd when I don't but I also do not stress if I miss a day or two.

    My personality is one who wants to please all others and make sure all others are happy. It is the personality of most nurses. I have gotten better at trying to please me and not others, but certainly not completely. I wish sometimes I was different.

    1. Yes, it should be fun to blog … not something to beat oneself up over if one misses a day or two.
      I've gotten better but only a little bit. I still adjust myself to fit in. Always did .. I think I lost myself along the way..

  4. That's a good idea, to write everyday. I've been trying to do some writing daily, although not always blog posts, and I feel that the practice is beginning to pay off. You seem to write so easily, or at least it feels like your words flow very smoothly from your mind to the page; maybe "free writing" is your style!

    1. Some mornings, they do … flow smoothly. I get easily discouraged though … when I read others', I think they're so good and I really should quit… It's the same with everything.

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