Fire fighting

Saint John's north end + Rifle Range Dec. 12, 2010

This is a little part of our view from up here. The Rifle Range is really a residential area and not much shooting going on there nowadays. The name is entirely historical.

When you hear sirens, you tend to look out automatically … Not so much now, as we’ve lived here for two years, but in the beginning! The fire department is nearby, so we hear them A LOT! The first days we lived here, when we didn’t know all that much about the layout of the area … each ambulance I saw was going in to the Rifle Range. I thought it must be terrible there. Didn’t know that they were all en route to the hospital. Churchill Blvd. goes straight through the Rifle Range.

Enough already about Saint John geography.

This cold morning, I was sitting around here just as usual, when I heard sirens. Normally I don’t even look nowadays, but more and more kept coming in this direction, so finally I had to get up, off the couch, and look out.

There’s a little strip mall [to the left, not in picture] on Lansdowne Ave. and they all ended up there … four big fire trucks, ambulance, several police cars + the little command car from the fire dept. That’s one big deployment — the red and blue lights kept flashing all over the place — and I have no idea what was going on. They were just sort of milling about, outside the $-store and then they left! So much for all that excitement. It’s very rare that we find out in the news what happened.

Fire truck from station 5. July 3,2010 on display in Rockwood Park

All this hoopla, made my thoughts wander … again … as they usually do in the morning. Was thinking once again about how intriguing we humans are. What is it that makes some people choose a profession where you almost constantly risk your life?! A profession, where you run IN to burning buildings and all kinds of disasters where most people run AWAY from?!

I’m certainly glad and thankful that they DO [choose that profession] … all of the first responders, but I still wonder what made them do it in the first place. I’ve known … and still know … many fire fighters and paramedics, but I’ve never gotten around to asking them how come that they chose to become one. I can’t believe that they’re all adrenaline junkies?!

I have an online buddy, who is a firefighter in Philadelphia. Suppose I could ask him. I have him on my Facebook and I know for sure he really loves his job. He was one of my very first online buddies when I came online 1997.

Either way, these were all free associations in my mind this morning.  They’re all heroes.

14 Replies to “Fire fighting”

  1. I really like your view, the way you can see over the whole neighbourhood — it looks quite lovely at night, although the blue tones of the halogen lights look cold…

    From what I understand, the area called the Rifle Range is only along Churchill Blvd, in Crescent Valley (because that's where the rifle range used to be). The part we're in, in the foreground of your photo with all the post-war housing, is Portland Place; at one time it was a golf course.

    1. yes, that's right…the Rifle Range does not include all the little post war houses..

      A friend of ours, goes to physiotherapy in the round building … he told them that the building was right on the 9th hole or something..

  2. Heroes they are, indeed. And we sure are lucky that there are giving, caring people like that, all over. People who see a need and respond to it. I thank them all.

  3. Enjoyed this post and also enjoyed playing with the little Penquins. I am glad you have something like that on your page…… know……for the simple mined. lol

  4. Working at the hospital, I knew many EMT's. Never asked them why they had that job. Our EMT's are also firefighters. I know one now. Next time I see him, I will ask. I am certainly not brave enough to do their job.

    That is a gorgeous photo. love it!

    1. They are here too …EMTs, I think it's pretty much the same all over. Back home, many of the paramedics are nurses first. They changed something, a few years back, about paramedics so that they had to take lots of courses … I don't remember how it was.
      I know many of them, thanks to the job but also because it's such a small town.

      Here — I don't know if it's just here in SJ — no matter what the call is, they always respond with both firetruck and ambulance. That is even if it's a medical call. I find that … intriguing.

  5. Hi Rebby: They respond with both here also. It has to do with the height of the building, so if it is over 2 storeys ladder truck goes out in case they have to evac from higher up over the balcony. Also if there is power failure & elevators don't work. I too live a block from the Intertownship fire dept. So had to get used to fire trucks flying about alot…the sirens sometimes scary the ^##@#(#@! outta me but for the most part I am used to the sound.
    I've spoken to many frontline people & they all love the energy & unknown of the job. All want to help people. All have an edge of fearlessness to them.
    When I was a Tow TruckOperator I LOVED the Police calls. On went the "Whooppee" Lights on the top of the truck & the siren (ok it WAS illegal, but the Police let us have it anyway) & we were off…there was a certain "rush" in rushing to a situtation to help. It broke my heart if we had any fatalities. That didn't happen to us often. We'd get there b4 Ambulance alot of the time & keep people calm & do basic first aid. It really was about helping people in distress….
    Now running into a burning building…that takes guts & courage….I am terrified of house fires so doubt I'd have been a Fire Fighter….I'd rather scrape car parts off a Hi-way anyday!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sherriellen … I almost forgot that you used to be a paramedic! I'd rather scrape car parts too, off the highway, but not necessarily body parts. So yes, I'm very thankful that there are people to do this job … who have the guts and the determination. There's another strange thing about all this: all the firefighters and paramedics I've known in my life, have been extremely nice and kind people. I mean really kind here … not just in general. Same thing with veterinarians. It seems that certain professions attract nice people LOL..

  6. Great to hear from you Webby as always. I first took the job because I was out of work & thought I'd Enjoy It. Little did I know that I would go on TO LOVE THE JOB !! Its the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD as far as I'm concerned, but you have to pay me to do it. My hat goes off the the Guys & Gals that do it day in & day out for free…Their the REAL HEROS, as long as they are trained & know what their doing.
    The Adrenaline Rush is INCREDIBLE every time I get IT.. But more satisfying is the RUSH you get saving a life, making a Good Grab out of a burning building or saving a life on the street do to any kind of accident.
    To have a victim say " THANK YOU ", is Just so….. Hard to explain but it moves my heart every time. To hand a child over to a mother after a fire rescue is just a feeling you'll never be able to buy, No Matter How Much Money You Have…No Drug in the world can give you the satisfaction that I get from doing my Job. I feel I need to go on & on for my dear friend for my dear friend Webby, One of my first on the Net, but today was my first day back to work in 18 months after a long illness & I'm WHOOOOOOOP'ed & could use some rest. I hope I answered parts of you question, maybe I could say more later.

    P.S. The response of different apparatus depends on the nature of the call Engines carry the water & Pumps to fight the fires. The ladder trucks carry the tools for rescue & various other tasks we are called upon to perform.
    I guess I should add that no two events a the same, every time I go out the door of the firehouse its a different encounter & "" I LOVE IT ""

    Be SAFE GANG & Check Those Smoke Detectors !!!!!

    "Da Philly Firefighter"

    1. First off, thank you and that was the best of news … that you're back! Prayers work.

      In a way, I do understand about the rush … and your moving words about the 'thank you', must be the ultimate kick.

      Keep up the good work, and yeah … we have a guy coming around checking our smoke detectors :o) .. ahh …the joy of apartment living!

    1. Good heavens!!! A miracle that that didn't turn out a major disaster … meaning, more than it was! What a video, by the way… I do hope everyone was alright after?!

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