Three new acquaintances

Last Sunday we went down to Dipper Harbour. It was a nice day for a drive and I always enjoy all these little fishing villages down the coast… Maces Bay, Little Lepreau, Chance Harbour and so on. A fellow ‘bird person’ had seen, and taken photos of, long tailed duck down in St. Andrew’s but we didn’t go that far. That’s almost on the American border.

So we walked out on the wharf in Little Lepreau … I saw some little, black bird that I didn’t recognice. Then a whole bunch appeared. They were really too far away for a good shot but I just had to — if for nothing else, to be able to identify them later.

Turned out they were black scoter.

Next stop was Dipper Harbour. Same thing happened there … I saw little, black birds and thought they were the same as in Little Lepreau.

Walked out on the wharf and tried to position myself in order to get a better shot. Looked down in the water beneath me and laid eyes on a totally different bird! I had absolutely no idea what it could be. Ther other ones I at least suspected were scoters of some kind.

This guy was easy to ID though … very characteristic — a black guillemot.

I was pleased that he was close enough for some decent shots.

The other ones came a little closer too, and they were more spectacular than the first, black scoters. These guys are surf scoters. It’s really a lousy shot but this was more about verifying what I’d seen than great photography.

Last time I posted, I was able to write in captions underneath the pictures, but that’s not an option today. Strange, how things change here in Blogger…

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