Weekly photo challenge — On Top

As soon as I saw the title of the weekly photo challenge from WordPress — «On Top» — I thought of a picture I took a few years ago. It was I picture I had to take; it’s not especially good or one that I’m very proud of … but it had to be done.

We like to go to a place called St. Martins every now and then. It’s a touristy place, a beach with big caves in the sandstone rocks. When we do, we usually take the scenic route. It runs partly through woods, but also along the seashore and through little villages.

There, in the middle of nowhere, in the woods with not a house in sight for miles, was this really tall spruce … with a red rooster placed on top of it?! The fist time, I didn’t really believe my eyes. Next time it was ‘confirmed’and the third time I finally got out of the car and took a photo of it.

It’s intriguing, most of all because the spruce is so tall! I don’t get it … why, and how did they get up there?! Either way, here it is!


more spring


Spotted the first colts foot today!

Cormorants are back in full force — fishing at the Reversing Rapids. At slack tide, they take a break.


A couple of Canada Geese is nesting on one of the little islands in the Reversing Rapids. A good choice! There, they’re sure to be left alone.


Two of the Cormorants had taken off on a break, to Rockwood Park, socializing with the Mallards. Someone was feeding the ducks white bread, but the cormorants wanted no part in that feeding frenzy. They seemed to think that was so beneath them!

looking for spring

Yesterday, we took a wee spin down along the Fundy coastline. The day was brilliant, the latest rain storm took care of most of the snow, and Spring is most definitely in the air! Everything is still grey and brown, though but that could change in a snap, when the temperatures go up, as they’re supposed to do next week.

Lepreau FallsWe took the usual tour of the quaint, little fishing villages … Chance Harbour, Dipper Harbour, Maces Bay and so on. Didn’t bring my tripod even though I knew we’d go to Lepreau Falls. What was I thinking?! Nothing at all, probably.

Saw several Blue Herons in a marsh, but they were way too far off for any good shots. One of them took off, while I was standing there, watching, and it’s always great to see those blue, majestic wings!

Scoter DucksEven though I’ve been down this way many times now, I always enjoy it! It’s so beautiful and there’s always the chance of seeing some odd duck :) — this time didn’t disappoint! [Please, click on pictures for better viewing!]

It was great to get out and breathe the saline air. When we got back, I was out on the balcony, doing something, and it struck me that it was actually enjoyable out there, although I was just wearing a T-shirt. We’re definitely out of the “Polar Vortex” :)





just a walk in the park

DSC_8857.NEFAs I was chasing after some ring-necked ducks yesterday, these fine guys came wandering up the road!

If I were a deer, I’d never leave Rockwood Park! Safe living, getting fed apples, lettuce and whatnot … people talk kindly to you … want to pat you on the nose :)

2ringneckedducksDidn’t have any great luck with those ducks — they were the most shy birds I’ve come across, except the bufflehead. Kept moving around the pond, in the deep snow, but as soon as I came within shooting distance, they just lifted, and moved to the other end.

Today, I’d put on the long lens [70-300mm], but then they were gone. Pfft!

Today, we had a real Spring day and it felt great! Li’l birds were chirping, the sun was warm.

DSC_8909.NEFAs I was standing at the Reversing Falls, looking at all the snow and brown, dead grass, I was thinking “Won’t be long now, before we’ll see the first groundhog!”

Lo and behold … moved a little further down to the little cove there, Gerry spotted them first — two little ones and one big. I missed the big one, but the young ‘uns were peeking out of the hole, in the sunshine, looking wet and miserable in the fur. They appreciated the peanuts I handed them!

All over the place, little sparrows were chirping, I heard a grackle too. Gerry stopped to buy some clams from a guy in a truck, and there I saw a juvenile, bald eagle soaring.



DSC_8951.NEFThe Wood Duck was still in the pond! He’s even learnt to appreciate stale, white bread!

This week’s theme in the WordPress photo challenge was «threshold». It didn’t immediately speak to me, so I decided to skip this week … unless I come up with something later.

Of all these beauties I saw today, this was perhaps the funniest :)


once in a lifetime?

Here, we get one storm after the other, but yesterday it felt like Spring! As soon as we got out of the building, we sensed a different air … a different light!

Drove around for a bit, and it was as if everything had come to life, all of a sudden … Cormorants in the Falls, Canada Geese in Marsh Creek … in the park, ducks and squirrels were frolicking! Felt great!

Got back home, had supper, and checked Facebook. There, someone had posted there was a Wood Duck in the pond in Rockwood Park! We’d just got back from there, and I certainly didn’t see any wood duck! Admittedly, I didn’t look all that close — there were so many people there feeding them, so they were flocking to white bread.

It was late afternoon, but I’ve always yearned to see a Wood Duck in real life, so I immediately grabbed my camera bag and took off. There was still good light also and this was a too good an opportunity to miss. Kept my fingers crossed the duck would still be there … that Facebook post was from the day before!

There are hundreds of ducks in the pond, and I scanned it carefully … no wood duck! I held out for quite some time, but was about to give up, when I saw one duck that looked a little different … far out on the ice! Zoomed in on it, and there it was! Sleeping! LOL

Eventually he got up, after all, and I got my pictures! Boy, am I ever happy! Even though they’re not rare in any way, I’ve never seen one in my five years here, and I really look at ducks, everywhere!

Here’s a selection of the numerous photos I took…