Just Thursday blog hop ~ Celebrating the mundane

Perhaps not so mundane, but it’s something I see every day. It sits here, on my desk, right in front of me. It used to belong to my maternal grandfather. Its intended use was to stamp your signature on a lacquer seal, like they used to do on envelopes way back in time. My grandpa was born 1872 so … Unfortunately, there’s nothing engraved in it, but it’s a nice bird, that I’ve managed to keep throughout my life of many moves.

Myfanwy is hosting this blog hop this week, so if you feel like it; take a photo of something you see or use every day, write a few lines about it and post the link to your post in the comments section in her blog.


friendly reminder

In Facebook, they’ve added a new [at least it’s new to me] feature, called «Memories». They show you what you posted on this date a year ago … or many years ago, depending … It’s kind of fun to see, sometimes you’ve forgotten.

d7000What stared me in the face yesterday morning, made me stop and think. It was one year, to the day, since I bought the camera [Nikon D7000]. One year … and what have I done?! More or less nothing.

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WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Motion

This week, share your photographs that have captured motion, and tell us the stories behind the images.

This friendly dog, happily jumped into the water in Rockwood Park, to pick up the ball his owner kept throwing … time after time! Dogs are funny that way — they don’t get bored, nor do they reflect upon the purpose of the whole thing :)

I don’t know this dog personally, but I heard his name was Toby.


Just Thursday Bloghop ~ Minding the Mundane

It’s Thursday again! Where did this week go … time really flies, huh!

Take a closer look at something that’s either in front of you right now, or something else that you use or see every day. Take a picture of it, and perhaps write a few words, and post it to your blog. This week, @maraeastern is hosting this event, so please go check out her post, and leave a link to yours in the comments.

I took this picture two days ago. Wanted something white and blue that I was going to use as a header image in another blog. However, this, if anything, really fits the subject! The Magic Mouse :)


Minding the Mundane ~ just thursday-bloghop


What’s in front of you today? What do you see every day? Why not join in? Don’t forget to visit Myfanwy and Mara to see their offerings this week too. Please link back to this post so we can come and visit. 

The above is certainly something I see every day, with very few exceptions. We have two elevators in the building. That’s a good thing as one is not enough. That’s something we all became painfully aware of last year, when they were renovating them. We only had one running, for about six months. It could have been a social event «Get to know your Neighbour», but when you’ve waited for ages for the elevator to arrive, and then you’re like packed sardines in there …. nah!

All is good now, and the best thing is they’ve started to wire the buildings for fibre optics now!!! Last night they were here, on our floor! Yay!

So … take a pic of something mundane, perhaps write a few lines about it you feel like it. Post a link to your blog in Myfanwy’s comments and we’ll all be linked in this bloghop :)

blog hop is back ~ new and improved!

@nuvofelt, @maraeastern and I started a blog hop back in December last year. Due to circumstances like illnesses, moving house et cetera … quite often referred to as «Life», the blog hop has been on a prolonged hiatus.

We talked and agreed upon the following: The theme for this blog hop will be «Mind the Mundane» or just “something you see or use every day”.

So, in short, here’s how to go about it:

  • Shoot a picture of it, write a few words about it, if you feel like it.
  • Tag your post with “just thursday” so it can easily be found
  •  link to this post.
  • Post a link to your post here, in the comments section

Take a peek at the others too. The linking and making new connections … that’s the fun part about a blog hop.

So here’s mine for this week: DSC_5377.NEF-min