late night reading

Every night, before falling asleep, I read. Always have a book going, and this has been going on for years. It’s a die hard habit. When I moved here, eleven years ago, I started reading in English. Bought books at the annual English book fair in Quebec City, then we moved here to Saint John, and I can buy or borrow anywhere I want.

IMG_1214-minLast year, when I was back in Sweden, visiting, I went to the library and got myself a library card. Started to borrow eBooks to keep up with my favourite [and new], Swedish authors.

Reading in English every night has been good for my vocabulary. Learning a language is an ongoing process … it can never stop … and I’m always eager to pick up new words and expressions. With my newly acquired, Swedish, library card, reading in Swedish felt like … an indulgence! So relaxing! Never having to stop and sort of … «taste» a word … memorizing. Not that I did that all the time, while reading in English either, but it happened … when I saw something that either was important to the context or looked otherwise interesting. Wouldn’t have had any idea what a «settee» was, for example, had I not read all those books about Liverpool, UK by Maureen Lee. While reading, it was pretty obvious it was a sofa, so there I learned something new.

For almost a year now, I’ve been indulging myself with reading in my native tongue every night … until a couple of days ago! I couldn’t log in … not download! I wrote to them the following morning and it’s now straightened out, but something is wrong with the reading app, so I have to read in the browser. Woe is me! :D This is not a problem they have in the Third World, methinks LOL

Either way, it’s good to remind oneself every now and then, how much you appreciate the little things in life.


WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Forces of Nature

The force of nature, which is the most visible and palpable here, around the Bay of Fundy, is the eternal rhythm of the tides. We have amongst the highest tides in the world here. The so called ‘Reversing Falls‘ [they aren’t falls, they are rapids], are here in our city of Saint John, and that’s our main tourist attraction. However, for this challenge I’ve chosen two pictures from a nearby village — St. Martins. The ocean has carved out enormous caves in the sandstone. The boat is just an example of low tide.